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Nieren- und Dialysezentrum Männedorf AG

Modern and personal

Medical clinic

In our medical clinic we treat patients with kidney disease by our two experienced physicians specialized in nephrology. We also offer general medical examinations and treatments.

  • Assessment and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases
  • Ultrasound examination incl. renal artery Doppler
  • Outpatient ultrasound-guided kidney biopsies
  • Immunosuppressive therapies for systemic diseases and glomerulonephritides
  • Comprehensive hypertension evaluation
  • Assessment and post-transplant care for kidney transplantations
  • Assessment of kidney donors
  • Pre-dialysis support
  • Initiation and implementation of chronic renal replacement therapies (haemodialysis/peritoneal dialysis)
  • Acute dialysis in case of acute renal replacement
  • Shunt Doppler for dialysis
  • Metabolic assessment and metaphylaxis for kidney stones
  • Outpatient preparation for the prevention of contrast medium nephropathies
  • Constant medical care of the patients in our dialysis centre [link to Dialysis]
  • General medical examinations and treatments


Consultation hours by arrangement.


T +41 (0)44 922 00 44